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Mi 6

not a TV, not a console, not even a computer all those in one... and more!


One Drone Above All ...

The champion of cleaning: Xiaomi Mi Vacuum Cleaner

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    Kocsis Zsolt

    Hi! Where should I click on an order?


    Hi Gareth,
    xgimi h2 currently exists only in Chinese version. This means that you have not supported the google services. As soon as a global version of it appears, we will publish it immediately on our site. We hope this will happen as soon as possible.


    Hi do u know when the xgimi h2 is available for Europe


    Livio, email sent. Please check your email box.

    20:05 1

    Dear Livio, Soon we will email the necessary information and then confirm your order. Please patience. (within less than 12 hours)


    dhl is fine
    I pay by bank transfer directly from my bank you send me the data (no transfewise)


    order on DHL
    send me the coordinates to make the bank transfer, (no transferwise) I do not know and I would not go wrong
    thank you


    Livio email sent. Please check your email box.


    Hi Livio, we'll send you an email within a short time.


    I made a JmGO V8 order I wanted to know if I have to pay customs taxes?

    11:31 1

    ho fatto un ordine di un videoproiettore JmGO V8 volevo sapere se devo pagare le tasse doganali?


    No xgimi h2 price yet?


    JmGO J6S and V8 better picture and video quality. Price is almost the same. Email Sent.


    Can not know when it will be an international version, maybe 1-2 month. International version usually little more price.

    Drag images here


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